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Sunday 2:30 – 3:10pm
Keynote Speaker
Shoot for the stratosphere: Improving your game in luxury real estate
Dolly & Jenny Lenz

Dolly Lenz, Founder and CEO of Dolly Lenz Real Estate, reigns supreme when it comes to the high-profile, megadeal real estate in New York City.

During her career, she has sold an unprecedented $11 billion in property, including her recent record-setting sale of a $57 million triplex penthouse to Rupert Murdoch, while also managing the sales and marketing efforts of many of New York’s most illustrious properties.

Jenny Lenz is a native New Yorker who has followed in her mother’s footsteps. Her passion for the business started at an early age as she was exposed to some of the most breathtaking properties in the world. Both Dolly and Jenny believe it is possible to shoot for the stratosphere in the luxury real estate market.

1. Breaking into the luxury sector
2. Tips on connecting with the elite
3. The twelve commandments of real estate